What’s Hot/What’s Not: Top 3 Topics of Parent Chatter in 2010

By | January 27, 2011

What topics heated up the College’s Parent Listserv in 2010? Was it where to live on or off campus?  Ride-share programs?  Tuition roll back? Campus safety? Course loads and professors?  We’ve compiled the top three and resources that can help.

Off Campus Housing: Where I am going to live? It’s the question, students face each year.  The Parent Listserv buzzes every summer and spring about this topic. Melinda Miley, director of New Student Programs suggests starting with the College’s Residential Life web page at http://reslife.cofc.edu/?page=home and click the tab on the off campus housing tab.  Parents collectively suggest Craigslist and www.padmapper.com.  With public sites, College staff and parents stress to be sure you remind students to visit apartments with a friend. The Parent Listserv also is a great resource with testimonials of positive and negative experiences in apartment complexes off and on the Peninsula.

Public Safety: While reported crime at the College of Charleston is low, it is important to be cognizant that we are located in an urban setting. Thus, it is incumbent upon each of us to take responsibility for ensuring our personal safety by practicing good crime prevention habits. Take the time to review Public Safety’s Guide to Safer Living on the Public Safety website.   The College’s Office of Student Affairs offers many resources including the Office of Victim Assistance and the College’s Annual Security Report.  Here is a compilation of safety resources compiled by Student Affairs.

Academic Issues: What are EXPRESS classes? What is the minimum course load for students – is it 12 hours or 15?  Where do I find Academic Calendar? It can be challenging navigating the College sometimes. Our Parent Listserv is monitored daily and questions are answered by College staff from New Student Programs to Academic Affairs in a timely manner.  Below is a list of resources to keep handy:

1) 2010-2011 Academic calendar

2) Parents web pages and newsletter

3) College News & Events

4) Parent Giving Programs

5) Student Support Services

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