The Parent Advisory Council serves at the invitation of the President and acts as ambassadors and advocates for all of our parents.  They meet twice a year on campus and support the College of Charleston Parents’ Fund at a leadership level.  They raise money, host events, welcome our new families through admissions calls, and meet with parents to foster a strong sense of community across our parent-body.  The information and events shared in the Parent Insider E-Newsletter have also been deemed exciting and informative to parents by our PAC members.

Current Members:

Daniel and Suzanne Cross P’19
Washington, DC

Mark and Megan Dowley P’18
Greenwich, CT

Johnnie ’92 and Michelle Baxley P’21
Mount Pleasant, SC

Craig and Katie Eney P’14
Annapolis, MD

Michael and Laurie Farr P’15 P’16
Washington, DC

Chris and Laurie Finan P’20
Fishers Island, NY

David and Pat Fisher P’12
Washington, DC

Michael and Kelly Frankenfield P’21
New Canaan, CT

Peter and Leslie Gambee P’13 P’14
Admissions Committee Chairs 2013-2016
Wilton, CT

John Gillespie and Andrea Borden P’18
Guilford, CT

Drew and Risa Hudson P’19
Arnold, MD

Tony ’89 and Whitney Jones P’17 P’18
Isle of Palms, SC

Lisa Lavecchia P’18
Basking Ridge, NJ

Tyler and Sunshine Leinbach P’16 P’17
National Chairs 2015-2017
Norfolk, VA

Per and Rachel Lorentzen P’15
Palm Beach, FL

Thomas Mahoney and Emily Chien P’21
New York, NY

Grover and Jessica Maxwell P’14
Charleston, SC

Mark and Lyn Michels P’21
North Palm Beach, FL

Joseph and Jennifer Parsons P’21
Stonington, CT

Joe and Mary Ready P’17
Charlotte, NC

Dave Watt and Laura Ricciardelli P’11 P’13
Annapolis, MD

Parker and Jeanette Rockefeller P’15
Owings Mills, MD

Robert and Lorrie Roschman P’21
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Howard and Julie Rudolph P’12 P’17
Annual Leadership Committee Chairs 2015-2017
Palm Beach, FL

Fred and Susan Russell P’17
Richmond, VA

Michael and Allyson Sanderson P’21
Convington, LA

Peter and Anne Schellie P’16
Annapolis, MD

Christopher and Leanne Shaw P’18
Atlanta, GA

Neal and Virginia Sigety P’21
Pipersville, PA

Hank and Vonnie Stoneburner P’09 P’14
Richmond, VA

Keith Sullivan P’21
Cockeysville, MD

Chris and Terri Walker P’15 P’18
Admissions Committee Chairs 2015-2017
Norwalk, CT

George and Anne Walker P’20
Darien, CT