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Parents’ Fund Bridges the Gap

Did you know that tuition only pays for one third of the actual cost of a College of Charleston education? I bet you are asking where the other two thirds come from? You’re right, operating budget is one source, but the means to bridge the gap comes from the thousands of individual gifts from parents […]

Charles Towne 101: The Charleston Bucket List

Louise Keim, CofC Parent Advisory Council member and her son, Morgan Keim, ’10 (pictured here with Tom Keim) are the dynamic duo behind Charles Town 101.  In this issue, they share five things you MUST do in Charleston before May. It seemed to us Keims that a Charleston Bucket List might be in order. No […]

Intro to Charles Towne 101: Bowen’s Island Restaurant

Dear fellow parents!  If you’re like us, you’ve already experienced  move-in days, Parents Weekends and graduations in those gastronomically-challenged college and prep school hinterlands, where the education is great but the food is fair-to-lousy. Not so in scrumptous Charleston, S.C.! One of the unexpected pleasures about having a child at the C of C is […]